We are Elena and Stefania Ivanovi

Identical twins from Sofia (Bulgaria)

We graduated from the National Academy of Arts and art is our passion. Since we complement each other-one of us is left handed, the other right handed, working on the same canvas at the same time has never been an issue for us. As peculiar as it may seem, we both paint simultaneously on the same canvas at the same time. To paint that way comes quite naturally to us. Don’t be misled, it doesn’t mean that one takes command of one half of the painting and the other of the other half!)

We sign our paintings with the initials TT(short for Tornado Twins), which is our artistic pseudonym, which we feel comfortable with and believe describes us very accurately, both in the art world and in real life.

So, welcome to our world! We hope that you will love every story we tell through our art and smile every time you see one of our paintings hanging on your wall. If you fall in love with one of our paintings that has already found his owner, don’t panic! Choose the color that will make you happy, the size of the canvas that fits best your interior, and contact us. We will be happy to make a twin painting of the one you have fallen in love with. They will look alike, but each will be unique, because like all twins, despite their similarities, each one carries its own personality.