Burgas in Winter

exhibition burgas in winter / изложба бургас през зимата

Burgas adorned with our paintings! It was an honor and great pleasure to hold an exhibition in the ‘’Bogoridi’’ Art Gallery, Burgas.

We thank the ‘’Bogoridi’’ Art Gallery, BTA Burgas, and BNR, and all the guests for the sunny welcome and the shared moments of joy and inspiration. Despite the winter weather outside, Burgas managed to keep its sunny mood. We believe that our paintings have their own contribution to the improved situation in our beloved city, Burgas. We hope that everyone who attended the opening was filled with positive energy and got a drop of inspiration to keep creating in their own sphere. Yes! That’s right! Just a drop! Because one drop of inspiration is enough to fill the ocean of prosperity. At least that’s what we sincerely believe in. Our paintings can influence the viewer, and improve the attitude towards life, for those who cannot just look, but see.

For all those who missed the opening – Don’t worry. Until mid-December 2022 you still have your chance to visit our exhibition at the ‘’Bogoridi’’ Art Gallery at 48 Bogoridi Street, Burgas. We won’t be there, but we have left all interested in the safe hands of Ruža and Geri, who have many years of experience in the discovery, distribution, and preservation of culture and fine art.

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