First Solo Exhibition

снимка от първата авторска изложба

First author exhibition

Our first solo exhibition is already a fact! For us and for those who took the time to visit us, it was a real experience, a delight for the senses. The event took place in the pleasant atmosphere of the Port.A art gallery, in the center of Sofia. We managed to please many people with our paintings, with their fantastical images, colorful birds, inspired monkeys, and friendly crocodiles.

It was a real pleasure for us to be visited by so many people during the short time that the exhibition lasted. For these three days, young and old, art historians, lawyers, doctors, architects and people with the most diverse vocations came to visit us.

What united them was their common interest in art though. Once again, we saw how art, regardless of its form, is one of the strongest unifying forces and is capable of miracles. We found meaning in organizing our first exhibition by making as many people as possible smile, shake off their problems, even for a short while, and to remember the world as it is – a perfection, a utopia, a harmonious coexistence between animals, people, and plants.

Our colors are bright, rich, saturated, and full of positivism.

We draw ideas and inspiration for our paintings from the colorful world that surrounds us and from its extremely rich palette. If the good mood is slipping away from you for a reason and it is difficult for you to find it, we offer a shortcut. Our paintings. Who knows? You might find what you’re looking for right there. It’s worth a try at least. However, all our paintings are created with one purpose in mind – to make you smile, forget your problems even for a while, and transport you to the fantastic world of art, filled with colors, light, and positivity.

If you missed our first exhibition, don’t worry. There will be another one. Follow us on social networks (Instagram and Facebook) to see up-to-date information about what we are doing and where we are going. So the next time we hold an exhibition, who knows, you could be there too.

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