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With great excitement and satisfaction we are packing our bags and leaving for the UK to introduce our art to the islanders.​ The Bulgarian Cultural Center took the initiative to invite us to hold an author’s exhibition in London. And we happily welcomed the idea.

We are very honored to have the opportunity to exhibit our work in such a metropolitan city with traditions and heritage as London.​ With our paintings we aim to awaken the positive side in every viewer, make him smile, inspire him and help him improve his mood.

We look at our paintings as friends. Friends, whose company always brings us comfort and peace. And most important – always, remind us to look at life from the right angle. Always with hope and gratitude. To open our eyes and hearts to the beauty and color in everything that surrounds us.

We hope to infect with a good mood everyone who comes to get to know us and our works at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London.

The address is 186-188 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London 5W7 5HL.

The opening will be on the 18th of September at 7 pm in the “Sofia Gallery’’. And because we empathize with those who are always late, our exhibition will be extended until October 1st.

If you have an urgent trip to Mexico, a round-the-world voyage by steamship, or if you are going to save endangered species in Antarctica or provide drinking water to tribes in central Africa, do not rush to get home to London to visit our exhibition. You can see what you missed on our official website www.tornadotwinsart.com or find us on social networks. It won’t be the same, but at least it will give you an idea. Now let’s prepare appropriately for the United Kingdom, put on the long gloves and bowlers, and pour each other a cup of tea. Cheers.

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