Date part one

This is the first out of three paintings in the series ‘’Dates”. They represent the eager anticipation of two lovers, lost in a whirlwind of passion and romance.

Material: Acrylic paints on canvas
Size: 90 x 80 cm

Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!


The man is dressed in a traditional Mexican mariachi outfit and sombrero. The woman is elegant as if derived from another era. They are very different, but their passion and longing for each other unite them.

The painting is very bright, colorful, and vivid. In addition to the purely symbolic meaning of the burning flame, a symbol of burning passion, a lighted candlestick on the windowsill has a different meaning.  Many years ago, in distant places, women who have decided to open their hearts to love have left a lit candle on their windowsill, welcoming the company of the interested bachelor.

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