Date part three

This painting is the third part of the series “Dates” and, as its name implies, recreates a meeting between two lovers, or rather between a man and a woman, on their way to fall in love with each other.

Material: Acrylic paints on canvas
Size: 90 x 80 cm

Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!


The woman is a shapely curved beauty with exotic glamor. The man is a blond bachelor performing a serenade for the lady. The red rose is the symbol of passion raging between the two love birds.

The bright flame of the burning lanterns is another symbol of their passion. Contrary to this, we have created a white dove carrying a laurel branch in its beak -a symbol of peace.  To emphasize the opposites in this painting, even more, we decided to combine the beauty of a light man with the one of a dark woman.  

We made this painting in an effort to show the great power of love and its ability to destroy all limitations we ourselves have been building for a long time and the boundaries established by society in social, emotional, or personal aspects. In our painting, these boundaries are completely destroyed under the weight of love, passion, and a new beginning. We tried to recreate the feeling of joyful anticipation, impatience to live the next moment, and hope that this time everything will be different, and the fairy tale will have a happy ending.

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