Date part two

“Date part two” is the second out of three paintings dedicated to the love between a man and a woman. The whole series is extremely colorful, as are the feelings between two people with different characters and personalities.

Material: Acrylic paints on canvas
Size: 90 x 80 cm

Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!


We wanted to have present in the painting the snake as an iconic symbol, identified with the cycle of life. It represents the Sun and the Moon, life and death, darkness and light, healing and poisoning, wisdom and destructive power of passion.

It is also associated with the power of the earth and fertility. The apples on the curtain are another important element of biblical importance. Lit candles and red roses are symbolizing the burning passion between two lovers. The man is dressed in a traditional Mexican outfit. He has his most beautiful clothes on for this special occasion-meeting his beloved one.

We hoped to catch this exciting moment of anticipation. Two lovers daydreaming of all the wonderful moments they most certainly will share with each other.

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